your mobile strategy

Like a certain famous star ship captain, business leaders need a way to lead, analyze and monitor crucial aspects of the ship they've built for their exploration of the universe of service and commerce.

Being chained to an overlarge desktop paperweight is giving way to always having what you need at your fingertips, wherever you are.

the times, they are a changin'

New tools, the likes of which used to be the gadgets of science fiction, now drive efficiencies in the business, industry and service sectors only dreamed of in fertile minds in previous generations.

Mobile strategies can make good use of off-the-shelf apps, but often they don't quite embody the uniqueness you've designed into the way you serve your constituents.

your new way

You need tools that work the way you do, that understand your philosophies and your processes.

Typically that means data: data on customers, clients and patients; data on how employees are meeting the needs of all the stakeholders in the organization; data on the financial underpinnings of an operation.

Data + iPad = FileMaker: no better tool for data in the "iDevice" world: flexible, rapid development, infinitely malleable to the shape of your business. Now with a variety of FileMaker-based technologies, including FileMaker's new mobile product, FileMaker Go, you CAN take it with you for:

  1. Remote data collection
  2. Workflow management
  3. Media/document access
  4. Contact management
  5. Business intelligence
  6. Mobile workforce support